The Hope Center

We are a Christian community development organization that, out of our belief in God, is working diligently to renew the forgotten, impoverished east side community where we live and serve.   We are investing in its people, in particular the youth, anticipating that their transformed lives will offer the hope and leadership needed for the inner city community to flourish.   Our primary community activities are centered on these key programs:

Hope Family Care Center

Mission & Vision - To honor God by providing quality, personal health care.  We envision all residents of our east side community receiving quality, personal health care, enabling them to achieve optimum health.   Preventive health care will become normal, regardless of one's income.   Sustained high quality, personal health care will contribute to the transformation of our community.  Hope Family Care Center started as a small, volunteer-based primary care clinic.   Since opening, we have seen substantial growth.   Hope Family Care Center is a fee-based primary health care provider seeking to meet the medical needs of an underserved community.  The Hope Family Care Center is located at the northeast corner of 31st Street & Prospect Ave., in the Linwood Shopping Center.

Hope Leadership Academy

Mission & Vision - To provide a world-class neighborhood school whose students thrive in a culture of academic excellence, character development and caring relationships.   Hope Leadership Academy aims to develop in its students’ mastery of a rigorous and authentic core curriculum, outstanding leadership skills including a dedication to serving their community, extraordinary critical thinking ability, and a passion for lifelong learning.   We envision a vibrant, close-knit neighborhood based school where all students reach for and attain their highest goals.  By creating a caring and supportive environment with high expectations, we will empower students to become enthusiastic learners and respectful citizens who work diligently to better themselves and their neighborhood.   Students will experience a high level of success both academically and in the world around them, which will strengthen families and the neighborhood we serve.

Hope Youth Ministries

Mission & Vision - To reach and develop urban youth into world-class Christian Leaders.  We are developing a close-knit group of urban youth who have committed their lives to following Jesus Christ.  These youth partner with Christian adults to develop life and leadership skills that will enable them to reach their peers and to restore the neighborhoods where they live.  The Hope Center youth are not only empowered to lead their peers today, but are also equipped to become successful dynamic adult leaders tomorrow.

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