55 Mile Route

Tour de Hope is proud to once again offer a 55-mile route which is slightly shorter than our 62 but includes many of the same iconic Kansas City sights. These routes will begin at Liberty Memorial and move through some of the best parts of our city including Cliff Drive, the Fireman’s Memorial, Martin City, a scenic downtown, West Side, Southwest Blvd, Swope Park, Historic Leawood, Prairie Village, Roanoke Park, and Valentine Road. All 7 Tour de Hope KOMs are available on this route if you want to add some additional challenge or get in a few extra miles.


2021 TOUR de HOPE 55 Mile Route

2021 TOUR de HOPE 55 + KOM

40 mile ~ Season Warm-up!

The TOUR de HOPE ride is one of the first of the season. Come join us for this great warm-up ride that is sure to get your heart pumping and energized for the year! The 40 mile Season Starter features some of the best scenic areas of the city. We start at the iconic WWI Museum Liberty Memorial. From there the ride will take you past the Hope Center, through Westwood Hills, through Brookside / Waldo, through historic Leawood, Prairie Village, Mission Hills, and KU Medical Center. Be sure to check out the map and decide what is going to be your favorite! This ride has the added option of challenging yourself to 5 of the 7 KOM’s.


2021 TOUR de HOPE 40 Mile Route

2021 TOUR de HOPE 40 + KOM Route

20 mile Family Fun Ride

This route is designed for riders of ALL SKILL LEVELS. Don’t be afraid, this route is sure to be fun filled from beginning to end. Starting at the World War I Museum Liberty Memorial, this ride ventures through some of the most scenic and historical parts of our city, including: the Jazz District, Cliff drive and past our beloved charity the Hope Center!


2021 TOUR de HOPE 20 Mile Route